CRF 2012 Outcomes

The organizers of CRF 2012 would like to thank all speakers, poster presenters, participants, exhibitors and media partners for their contributions to very interesting and successful conference.

Prof. Dr. Jana Haj�lov� (ICT Prague)
Chairwoman of Symposium
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Karel Cejpek (ICT Prague)
Chairman of Organizing Committee

CRF 2012 in numbers

  • 233 scientists participated
  • 36 countries from 4 continents represented
  • 37 lectures including 10 young scientists� (27%) presented
  • 210 posters presented
  • 2 companies exhibited at the conference
  • 3 media partners participated

CRF 2012

Poster Awards

The CRF 2012 award for the best presented poster was given to Martin Globisch, Anne Wellner, Thomas Henle, Technische Universit�t Dresden, Dresden, Germany. The poster was entitled �MODIFICATION OF THE Ɛ-AMINO GROUP OF LYSINE BY trans-2-HEPTENAL - A PRODUCT OF LIPID PEROXIDATION OF HEATED PEANUT OIL�.

2nd poster award was given to Franziska S. Hanschen, Anna Bauer, Sascha Rohn, Lothar W. Kroh, Technische Universit�t Berlin, Institute of Food Technology and Food Chemistry, Department of Food Chemistry and Analysis, Berlin, Germany. The poster was entitled �INTERMEDIARY BREAKDOWN PRODUCTS FORMED BY THE THERMALLY INDUCED DEGRADATION OF ALIPHATIC GLUCOSINOLATES�.

3rd poster award was given to Sandra Amann, Michael Meitinger, Peter Schieberle, Deutsche Forschungsanstalt f�r Lebensmittelchemie, Freising, Germany. The poster was entitled �ON THE ROLE OF AMADORI-REARRANGEMENT PRODUCTS IN THE GENERATION OF STRECKER ALDEHYDES AND STRECKER AMINES DURING THERMAL FOOD PROCESSING�.